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Communication Materials

Best in class communication materials to articulate the investment case. Key messages and positioning themes based on global benchmarking…

Research Analyst Access

Drive dialogue with research analysts who have outstanding industry expertise and a strong institutional sales force…

Global Investor Access

Access to a diverse set of institutional investors and other pools of capital globally. Detailed investor targeting and non-deal roadshows…

Market Perception Studies

Research and market intelligence services, including market perception studies and industry specific quarterly earnings trackers…

Corporate Planning

Board and AGM presentations, M&A management support, rating agency presentations, strategic plans and financial modelling…

Transaction Support

Positioning and marketing M&A, restructuring, related party and other transactions that require shareholder votes…

Churchgate Analytics


Access our corporate ESG benchmarking database and evaluate company sustainability performance against 120 different metrics

IR Toolkit

Corporates can efficiently record interactions with research analysts and institutional investors, in addition to accessing our broker and investor directories

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Allows institutional investor access to research analysts in a MIFID II compliant manner

Successfully implementing investor relations
best practices Growth without compromising our core values and principles

About CGP

Churchgate Partners is an international investor relations advisor that works closely with its corporate clients in designing and implementing investor relations programs to meet their specific requirements.

Our objective is to deliver independent advice and insightful analysis on the best practices of interacting with global equity markets.

CGP Founding Values

Dynamic, Self Motivated and Opportunity Led

  • Non-hierarchical organization promotes open communication
  • Equal opportunities for all team members to demonstrate potential
  • Allows individuals to maintain a sustainable work-life balance
  • Values and ethics are more important than financial success

Responsive, Accountable and Competitive

  • High value add model, to be the best but not necessarily the biggest
  • Cultural fit and shared values are fundamental to client partnerships
  • Striving for profitable growth without compromising our founding values
  • Creative application of technology is essential for future success

First Principles, Inspiration and Quality

  • First principles always guide product development and quality advice
  • Creating a learning culture for continuous professional development
  • Inspired talent is essential for extraordinary performance and client service
  • Seeking to create an exceptionally engaging and free work environment

Synergy, Equality and Satisfaction

  • Diversity of team experience and academics enhances value creation
  • Provide continuous feedback and raise performance expectations
  • Culture based on initiative, ownership, commitment and passion
  • Collective interest of the team is higher than self interest

Direction, Trust and Honesty

  • Trust and confidence earned through performance and judgement
  • Continue to seek new ideas and team initiatives that bring us closer
  • Dynamic operating principles to respond to changing external factors
  • Open communication creating a one firm mindset and eliminating silos

Highly experienced advisory teams focused on emerging markets