Churchgate Partners is an international investor relations firm operating across United Kingdom, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific. Our focus is to work in partnership with corporate clients in designing and implementing IR programs to meet their specific requirements. We deliver independent IR advice based on insightful analysis and practical solutions for operating best practices in equity and debt capital markets. Churchgate Partners aims to ensure that the fundamental values of its client’s strategies and financial performance are fully and fairly reflected in its share price.

Our Founding Values

An investor relations advisory firm, successfully partnering with clients to deliver best in class products, services and advice. Always aspiring to uphold the values of:

Dynamic, Self Motivated and Opportunity Led

  • Non-hierarchical organization promotes open communication
  • Equal opportunities for all team members to demonstrate potential
  • Allows individuals to maintain a sustainable work life balance
  • Values and ethics are more important than financial success

Responsive, Competitiveness and Ownership

  • High value add model, to be the best but not necessarily the biggest
  • Cultural fit and shared values are fundamental to client partnerships
  • Striving for profitable growth without compromising our founding values
  • Creative application of technology is essential for future success

First Principles, Intellectual and Quality

  • First principles always guide product development and quality advice
  • Creating a learning culture for continuous professional development
  • Inspired talent is essential for extraordinary performance and client service
  • Seeking to create an exceptionally engaging and free work environment

Synergy, Equality and Satisfaction

  • Diversity of team experience and education enhances value creatio
  • Continuous feedback raises performance and  expectations
  • Culture based on initiative, ownership, commitment and passion
  • Collective interest of the team is higher than self interest

Direction, Trust and Honesty

  • Trust and confidence earned through performance and judgement
  • Continue to seek new ideas and team initiatives that bring us closer
  • Dynamic operating principles to respond to changing external factors
  • Open communication creating a one firm mindset and eliminating silos

CGP Value Proposition

  • Independent investor relations advice based on extensive sector experience and international best practices
  • Equity market intelligence and company specific market feedback from shareholders, institutional investors and sell side research analysts
  • In-depth financial and operating analysis to support investor relations programs and enable market communication strategies to be fact based
  • Optimising strategic and value positioning for private companies as part of a capital raise through an initial public offering or a private funding round
  • Professional, high energy and fully integrated teams to successfully implement investor relations programs from communication materials to investor access

Growing in successful partnership with our clients