Abhishek MishraAssociate


As part of the Data Analytics Team, sustainability is something I am passionate about. I am an ACCA Affiliate and have pursued my Master of Commerce under the specialization Advanced Accountancy. I like to explore and understand issues related to Climate Change and want to grow and learn more about the Challenges and the Frameworks adapted to it.

I have worked at SG Analytics previously for 9 months where I was responsible for Secondary Research and Client Deliverables and my strength is under the E and G Pillar of the ESG domain.

Churchgate (Marathi: चर्चगेट) is an area in downtown South Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The local station gets its name from Church Gate street (now Veer Nariman Road) which lies just south of the station. During the 18th and up to the mid 19th century, Bombay was a walled city with three gates; Church Gate, named after St. Thomas Cathedral in Mumbai, was one of the gates.

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